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Health Tech Innovation Challenge is an innovation competition where university students solve company’s challenges. Students from different fields (mainly related with the Biomedical Engineering field) work in different teams and every team comes up with their own innovative solution.

The main purpose is that every team produce something new. Along with the innovating competition, it is a mutual chance of networking with the most active students in the city.

Best case scenario is that companies will receive such efficient results that the collaboration with the winning team will continue after the event. The company will receive tons of brainpower towards their challenges. Defeating the challenges and finding the best solutions to move forward with the ideas could lead the company to the next level!

The Challenges
Social volunteer meeting point

IN2 Challenge
How could smartTV help to manage chronic diseases?
Pulso Challenge
Integrated System with Connected Solutions at the Rehabilitation processes
VecMedical Challenge

The award-winning teams for each challenge will receive a prize of 3.000 from the companies as a recognition.